SeaGate Benefits Administrators, Inc. (SBA) provides full-service administration for qualified defined contribution and health and welfare plans. We can assist you in the quoting and renewal of your group and individual medical, dental, vision, disability or voluntary insurance benefits. Choosing SBA as your local Third Party Administration (TPA) firm means you’ll get personalized attention.

Individual & Group Benefits
SBA is a full service broker offering products through carriers including Medical Mutual of Ohio, Paramount Healthcare, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Humana, and American Community.

Insurance for Individuals Insurance for Employer Groups
Medical Insurance Medical Insurance
Short Term Coverage Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s)
Dental Coverage Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA’s)
Vision Coverage Dental – Vision – Life Coverage
Medicare Coverage Short Term & Long Term Disability

Requests for Proposal
Contact us for additional benefits and retirement plan information. SeaGate Benefits Administrators is able to provide customized Proposals for all types of plans.
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Definitions and Proposal Requests

Medical Insurance for Individuals:
SeaGate Benefits Administrators is a full service broker representing a multitude of leading carriers. This broad selection of health insurance plans, help our clients make the right choice with the best plan to suit their specific needs. If you or a member of your family is currently without health coverage, let SeaGate Benefits do the work for you. We will work hard with you to find a plan that fits.
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Short Term Coverage for Individuals:
Are you between jobs? Just graduated from college? Short Term coverage is a temporary solution that can protect you during those times. With several deductible options and the ability to insure you and your family for up to six months, Short Term can help you until something more permanent comes along. Obtaining Short Term coverage is quick and easy. Take a look at what we have to offer.
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Dental Coverage for Individuals:
Your teeth are important and dental coverage to protect them is affordable. Choose a stand-alone dental plan, or incorporate one with your Medical coverage. Either way, check out what SeaGate Benefits can offer to help keep your smile looking beautiful.
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Vision Coverage for Individuals:
Face it, we only get one pair of eyes during our lifetime. Vision coverage will help insure that you keep your eyes healthy – affordably. Let SeaGate Benefits help you find a plan that will fit your budget.
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Medicare Coverage for Seniors:
Medicare can be very confusing considering all its different plans and what each offers, including the recently-added and complex Medicare Part D. SeaGate Benefits can help. Our qualified Specialists can help guide you through all its confusing information. We have several carriers that offer Medicare coverage, Medicare Supplemental coverage and Medicare Part D coverage. We’ll help you make sense of it all.
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Medical Insurance for Employer Groups:
Tired of paying too much for your group health coverage? Looking for group coverage for your business? SeaGate Benefits has access to numerous group carriers who can provide health coverage for all types of businesses. Whether you're looking for Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO’s) or Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO’s) or if you have specific hospitals you prefer, SeaGate Benefits can help find the perfect fit for your company. With several choices of deductible and plan designs, we’ll tailor fit a plan for you and your employees.
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Healths Savings Accounts (HSA’s) for Employer Groups:
Congress enacted HSA’s in January 2004 to help employers reduce their overall health insurance cost, while still providing a protective plan for their employees. HSAs allow employees to open individual accounts to use for any type of medical, dental, vision & certain over the counter (OTC) drugs. This plan can be a win/win for both employers and their employees. Let our SeaGate Benefits Specialists help you.
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Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA’s) for Employer Groups:
HRAs are unique plans that have proved to benefit both employers and their employees. They can be designed in a number of different ways, considering your goals and only limited by your imagination. Our Specialists at SeaGate Benefits can assist you in finding out how this type of plan can help save you money and satisfy your employees at the same time.
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Dental – Vision – Life Insurance Coverage for Employer Groups:
These ancillary products can be part of your Group plan – or a separate Employee Voluntary Product. Either way, SeaGate Benefits has access to several carriers that can help find the plan that’s right for your company.
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Short Term & Long Term Disabilty Insurance for Employer Groups:
Want to make sure your Employees are covered in the event of an unforeseen accident? SeaGate Benefits can provide Disability Insurance for your employees so they continue to have an income until they return to work. This, too, can be set up to be a separate Employee Voluntary Product if you choose.
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